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Professional and reliable building services across Greater London for over 15 years.

Main services

House Building

Our residential construction covers a broad range of projects, including complete new home builds, large home extensions, major renovations and refurbishments, as well as conversions.

Construction Project Management

Our project management services include monitoring and managing projects from inception through to completion; using our extensive knowledge and experience, and our in-house robust project management procedures.

Property Maintenance

We will assist you with your day to day maintenance issues. We will assist in the planning of short, medium and long term maintenance projects, to minimize the impact of larger costings due to poor maintenance regimes, and enable the best use of your budget and resources.

Feasibility Studies

We undertake feasibility studies to provide a thorough and independent appraisal of the benefits and dangers associated with an identified project and consider what other options might be available. The decision to implement any new project must be based on a thorough analysis, and a detailed feasibility study provides the necessary information against which informed decisions can be made. We will help you to understand available options and assess the risks and benefits of your project.

3D Modelling / Rendering

We provide a digital representation of your building project, whilst working closely in collaboration with design teams, architects, engineers and contractors. We use a BIM (building information modelling) model, meaning projects can be evaluated at very early design stages to ensure that they will achieve client and regulatory requirements.

Space Planning

We work closely with every single client to truly understand how their space will be used and fully utilized. Through the early consultation phase, our designers will identify ways to optimize space efficiency.

Specialized Services

Brickwork and Blockwork

Here at City Development London Ltd, we offer a full range of brick, block, and stonework services to major developers and contractors throughout the London Area.

We have a vast amount of skills and experience successfully managing long term projects from 10K-500K.

Over the years we have grown and forged excellent long-standing working relationships with our numerous clients. The majority of our work is repeated business and recommendation from our satisfied clients.

We can offer labour only if you require, as well as supply and fix packages.

We offer a first-class and reliable service at extremely competitive rates.

Dry Lining and Plastering

We will provide quotes for supply and fix or labour only on jobs in Greater London. Our reliable team enable us to take on a number of different projects whilst guaranteeing a quality service every time.

We offer the most competitive prices for all plastering & dry lining services. This includes:

  • Tacking : The process of attaching plaster boards to a wooden or metal framework to create walls and ceilings.
  • Finishing (taping and jointing): Covering of joins between each plasterboard to allow walls and ceilings to be decorated.
  • Metalling: Creating a metal framework structure to attach plasterboards for partition walls and solid walls.
  • Sticking (dotting and dabbing): To apply plasterboard to a solid wall using adhesive.
  • Ceiling fixing: The creation of a metal grid structure for tiled ceilings.
  • Insulating: Wall and ceiling insulation for fire and sound proofing.
  • Plastering: An alternative to taping and jointing for a high quality finish.