Transfer your home without moving

We often come across people who love where they live but have still considered moving to get more room or to get a different layout in their home. They’re just torn by the fact that their home is close to a great school, close to work or maybe even just surrounded by friends and family. Finding all the above within a new area is not always easy.

If you’re one of those people who are happy to stay put but could do with a ‘home remodelling’ then we can most definitely help.

Get the space you want in the proportions you need by making the best use of your existing space, or potentially adding a little extra room in the form of an extension. At one time, kitchens were simply for cooking. However, times have changed and now kitchens are not only used for cooking, but we are also often now socializing and relaxing within our kitchens, which makes the more traditional dining room surplus to requirements. Also, as the family grows and changes the mix of bedrooms may need to change too. Two smaller bedrooms could become one large room that you’ve always dreamed of or the addition of a loft conversion might be exactly what need to remove the friction between siblings who are currently sharing a room.

Extension, refurbishment and reconfiguration can restore the balance of the home whilst avoiding the stress and expense of having to move. Here at City Development London Ltd, we love to use our expertise and experience to advise you on exactly what options are open to you.