Quality Control

Here at City Development London, We understand quality construction.

We understand the pressures that can be involved in the development and contracting which means that there are times when controlling quality can be a challenging process amidst the pressure to complete your project.

We provide an independent Construction Quality Control Inspection service, for the benefit of both contractors and/or clients, to provide an unbiased overview of site activities and a much-needed second pair of eyes for clients and non-site based management. Each visit will ensure that events are recorded, the building quality is monitored and maintained to a high standard, and to ensure full compliance with the contractual documentation.

We promise to deliver a service that will align with your quality construction strategy to provide you with peace of mind that the events being carried out during the construction phase are in accordance with the contract documents, good practice, and won’t leave you with major problems once the structure is handed over.

What can I expect from City Development London?

We here at City Development London will provide an effective and comprehensive quality Control service to contractors, developers, and clients (both private clients and local authorities), providing regular site inspections to each construction site, monitoring, reviewing, and advising you on the quality of construction and workmanship.

All reports will be available for review on a regular basis, and we will work closely with the client to identify improvements during the process, and we can make any necessary changes to procedures that are required.